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After the presentation of financial results for the second quarter of this year, BlackBerry fully communicate the production of smartphones in the hands of TCL, closing its hardware division. This is a symbolic fall of another legend.

BlackBerry was once a real power in the smartphone market, however, has long been the mobile division of the company is in a serious crisis. Already a few years predicted that Canadians completely abandon the production of smartphones, but company officials did not odpuszczały, looking for new ways to return to the game. Unfortunately, all indications are that he will soon give up the BlackBerry. BlackBerry tomorrow publish its financial results for the second quarter of this year, according to BBNews announce that it completely transmit the production of telephone company TCL, and the same will focus on delivering services and software. BlackBerry for some time now uses the services of the Chinese company, since both średniopółkowy BlackBerry DTEK50 and the future flagship BlackBerry DTEK60 is branded smartphones TCL. Custom hardware was ball and chain BlackBerry, which only absorb the money, so it’s no surprise that the company eventually wants to get rid of this burden. And we must symbolically say goodbye to another legend mobile market, because as with Motorola, BlackBerry and so will remain virtually the same logo. Source: BBNews