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Back in 2000, most of the world thought different good things will be achieved in 15 years. Definitely not world piece, (yeah, piece. Remember Brexit ? ) Fast forward to the date today in 2016, where half the world’s adult population is busy being the best out there, (catching pokemons, duh), this technology company somewhere in China, just made a portable, cheap Electric mosquito repellent !! Wait, what ?

Xiaomi’s going crazy. Who would have thought that after the air purifiers, water purifiers,electric bikes, weighing scales and some more gadgets which a mobile phone start up does not make, Xiaomi would actually make a mosquito repellent ? Wow, that’s surprising.

So this small and portable mosquito repellent is for just 4 dollars, and works via electric input from a usb cable. Well, that sounds like a save from those power outlets. Xiaomi brags that this little bug shooer can run off a smart phone (the ones capable of charging other devices) or a power bank. Its available for sale in China for the time being. Xiaomi hasn’t mentioned if this product will ever be launched for the international market. Actually, we are pretty sure it won’t be.