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Android Nougat just been unveiled, and already not without scandal. All through his presentation, which took place on the iPhone. The team from the Mountain View can, however, appreciate the phones competition.

He had just come to an end rumors and speculation about the full name of Android N, and already rounded up into trouble during his presentation. As it turns out the culprit of all this confusion was the smartphone, which occurred in the premier spot Android 7.0 Nougat. It is not a smartphone operating system from Google. Spot new Android 7.0 Nougat aired on Snapchat’cie he turned his attention to a suspicious-looking emoji on the smartphone screen appearing in the film. It turns out that covering the smiley face of the person in the photo signed as Corgis comes with iOS. In practice, this means roughly that in the clip advertising system, Google itself occurred iPhone. It’s just a number. 🙂


All through such a small little thing. For comparison emoji available for iOS (left) and Android (right).


At first there seems to be something surprising, because a lot of people from the IT industry makes use of Apple products, but after long reflection, the “Babol”, especially in the spot advertising the Android, it should not happen, right? In particular where it is the main competitor. Another issue is also the fact that you can pick it up in such a way that if “they” prefer to use iOS, in that case why do I Android … And you like to consider – a storm in a teacup, or a serious setback? Source: Android Authority