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After 56 days of shipping from Gearbest my MXQ Pro+ showed up. I’ve been following the forums to find out what I was getting into.

After plugging it in, making sure it worked, and checking firmware issues I opened it up to see what hardware I received.

CPU and 2gb RAM.

Factory heatsink on left and mine I used on the right. They shaved the thermal pad to not stick to the RAM. I applied mine with thermal epoxy. I’m running at around 66c now.

I was also glad to see I got the model with a reset button as some people have reports of this missing but then I found out it does nothing.

16gb Samsung eMMC flash memory. Looked used but performs very well.

Ampak AP6330 dual band 802.11n BT 4.0 FM wireless controller. First I’ve heard of them.

and a Realtek GigE ethernet controller.

After flashing the June 6th image I was glad I had the Play Store working and I was able to update Kodi, etc. It’s been very stable for me now.

One thing that needs to be changed is the CPU governor. It’s set to hotplug and changing it to performance enables all 4 cores again.

Here’s some performance benchmarks testing with my other devices.…=0&single=true

HDMI CEC is working with my Samsung TV. Things seem to be working out very well now for me.