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today i would like to give you guys a big surprise,the which i accustomed to shopping has unvieled the first generation of 360-degree panorama camerawith dual lens specifically for those have deep love for  aerial photography,paragliding shooting , skydiving aerial photography, buildings and alpine panorama shooting etc,I will buy it for the aerial photography,the pirce seems to be acceptable,but i would like to compare it with others similar,what is new arrival on the earth,here we go

1.what the video camera is unlike any other camera is that the action camera is those coming with dual-camera featuring 360 VR mode and panorama shooting mode,the 220°x220° panoramic lens makes view complete and 360°video contribute to comprehensive multi-angle shot.You could check out the video at any angle by manually sliding the cellphone screen after simply connecting the camera to your android or OS phone via app
2.The videos in 2 lens are seamlessly stitched so that it can be previewed simultaneously in your smartphone
3.The panorama action camera is compatible with the hotteset VR mode,that means you could switch the video shoot by the action camera and recorded on the phone to the left and right video mode,then you can enjoy a virtual reality panorama view
4.The wifi action camera would lasts for over one hour with front and rear cameras on,furthermore,it is  cleverly designed to accommodate bigger batteries with larger capacity
I would like share the web at … n-video-camera.html and upload for you guys checking out