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We have come out with the beta version of Android 6.0 on your phone, so the final version will not be too far away. And yes, it will come OTA, about which we are 100 percent sure. Now you can follow this link to download the ROM, while the flash guidance is the same as for Android 5.1. If you have any feedback after trying the trial version, please let us know via our customer service (

We believe you guys are quite familiar with the features of Android 6.0. Besides that, we’ll add some cool functions  to the final ROM as we mentioned before on our blog. Well, there are also some other things you need to know before you do the Marshmallow flash:

1. Since this version is not the final one, everything you doing with your phone you do on your own risk while the company is not taking responsibility for anything that may happen after flashing the ROM.

2. OTA is not available for the beta version, so when the final version comes, you need to flash again.

3. If you don’t want to stay on the trail ROM, you can flash back to Android 5.1 and wait for the OTA upgrade.