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Mito’s drone is based on new concept, uses smartphone’s camera to take pictures

Mito the not-so-famous Chinese smartphones manufacturer will now come up with a drone and that too with a new concept. The yet-to-be-come and unnamed UAV from Mito holds a different approach and is utterly contrast to DJI’s drone and Xiaomi’s recently launched first Mi drone.
The concept behind the design of the Mito drone is that the smartphone will be the driver of it and will do the maximum work. There will be no internal mechanism inside the Mito drone that could take the pictures from a high point because this work is said to be done by the smartphone fitted on it. Well, the leaked images of the drone suggest us so and the source who first spotted them also claiming the same
Unlike, Xiaomi’s Mi drone, the mid-section of the Mito drone is flat and has a rectangular design. The swivel flat structure would hold the smartphone. Mito’s drone will use the potential of user’s smartphone, of course, the smartphone will be from Mito.
Mito smartphone will provide the camera and processing capabilities and should also ensure that the drone will be more affordable than a stand-alone drone. This means, Mito’s smartphone will have all those capabilities that will be needed by its drone. This is the basic idea behind the concept of Mito drone. However, we are yet to know how users will be able to control the drone as the remote itself going to fly with the drone.