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Syllable D900S Mini Bluetooth Earphone Review

With the improvement of living standards, people now pay more and more attention to their health problems, an increasing number of people chose body building to better resistance. Fitness is basically independent so that people prefer listening music while fitness. 

I found quite a few people are still using wired headsets in the gym, while headphone linesare connected to phones. Mobile phone can be put on the control area when rolling a treadmill, but whileusing other equipment, mobile phone has nowhere to be placed, or it would be a trouble if you put mobile in the pocket because of the long wire.

To solve this problem can only depend on the Bluetooth headset. I search a lot of Bluetooth headsets and found either ugly appearance or headset machine, etc. which cannot make me satisfied.

I finally saw the SyllableD900S Bluetooth headphone in, I knew that is what I need when I saw the appearance. 

Appearance of Syllable D900S Bluetooth headphoneis quite agreeable. Two littlecute black beans are packed in a transparent box, this box is no ordinary packing box, it is the two small black beans’ “home”. 

Firstly, the transparent box is charging base of Syllable D900S Bluetooth headphone. The button on the box is not its switch, but the charging switch. Lifting the lid can open the box.

The common Androidcharging interface is at the side of base. With the charging base, it can charge Syllable D900S Bluetooth headphone 6 times which just need 25mins once. Chargingthe base needs about 2 hours at a time. There are two charging thimble in the internal slot of base.

Four holes in the front of charging base, these are the power indicator light. I can see how much power left by remaining indication lights when gently pressing thecharge key.
It can charging when you make thepositive and negative terminals of headset docking the base charge thimble. However, at the time of charging, in order to guarantee the stability of anastomosis, I proposed to cover down the lid. 
Syllable D900S Bluetooth headphone looks small, apart from L/R channel, regardless of host and vice machine. Each headset can use dependently, and also form a stereo combination. 

Only one button on the headset, clickthe button can answer or hang up the phone .Double-clicking it in the case of a call, you can call the latest mobile phone. 
The inner earhangs of the headphone use food grade silicone material, the ear hangs look like the little wings of black beans.With this small wings, no matter running or playing badminton, it will not fall off. This design is very humanization. 
The cathode metal point is designed at the bottom of the headset. Because of its charging method is different from other headset Bluetooth, so no equipped with conventional Micro USB charging port, but only two metal point. 
See, I put my Syllable D900S Bluetooth headphoneinto the charging base, it isso cool! 
Actually I doubt about it when got the headphone without safe line. Fortunately Syllable also consider the user like me, equipped with a special silicone safe line. With this line, I feel more secure when doing exercise. 
Syllable D900S Bluetooth headphone as a true wireless Bluetooth movement headsets, I also conducted a listening test. Its volume is small, so I don’t expect too perfect performance. Since that is a headset, so the performance of the sound quality is a very important factor. I like listening pop music, especially in the sports, I prefer to listen to electronic music with the strong sense of rhythm. 

Listening ChrisBrown’s “Zero”, I think that sound level of detail is quite rich, can feel struck raised trembling, heavy bass still doesn’t fit well with me. 

Listening to Kim Tae Woo’s “only you”,Syllable D900S Bluetooth headphone feel better. Because Kim tae-woo voice itself toward girl, unlike the deep male voice, make the whole song sounds very lively, and carefully listen to the piano, sounds crisp. 

Syllable D900S Bluetooth headphone is very goodoverall, not only single using, and double ear hang using which is stereo feeling. The design of thebreathing lampis also fashion and technological. But the battery life seems a little short, and if earplugs have more choice would be better.

Here attach a few pictures of Syllable D900S Bluetooth headphone: