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I believe many of you have been interested in Ulefone Future for its bezel-less display. Yes it is the most innovative part of our 2016 Flagship and that’s why we have spent longer time than usually to modify its color tone. We have managed to complete the job just lately and now we are able to show the display performance to you.

In a latest video by us, you can see the bezel-less display has been so impressive that wide-angle landscapes seems limitless, while the color is so vivid and the details are so sharp. Besides, such a bezel-less disign has minimize the size of the phone that you can operate by single hand. With same display size of 5.5 inches,  Ulefone Future is much smaller than iPhone 6s Plus. As for the issue of mis-operation on the edge of the touch screen, you can set your mind at ease since we have adopted sophisticated algorithm to guarantee high responsiveness.

As our flagship in 2016, Ulefone Future has adopted top-rank components such as the Helio P10 2GHz chipset, 4GB big RAM, 32GB storage, and 16MP camera. It is priced at USD239.99 for the current presales promotion which will end on May 25.