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Review: Wireless Bluetooth Stero Music Syllable D900S Headset Earbuds

Review: Wireless Bluetooth Stero Music Syllable D900S Headset Earbuds
Whether you are exercising or doing housework, music is one way to enjoy yourself. Syllable D900s is this kind of earphone to touch the extreme excitement. Now here is the review about the Syllable d900s earbuds for smartphones, tablets, PC and so on.
Syllable D900s is the updated version of D900, There are two colors of Syllable d900s now in the market: white and black. Each has a power button and a built-in microphone and the two sets of rubber ear pieces are connected by Bluetooth V4.0. Also, they have already paired with each other, you just need to turn them on and pair them with the device.
The first thing you need to do if you want to hear music is pair the Syllable D900s with your phone. It is really simple: Just hold the power button on the earphones and wait for several seconds, a female voice will told you that the headphone has been powered on.Then, open the Bluetooth on your device and find the model of your earphones type, and, connect the phone with Bluetooth earphone.
The headphones remember up to 6 Bluetooth devices. That’s pretty practical: I was able to use them with my Mac at work and switch to my phone on the train, all without having to go through the pairing process again.
Except for Listening music with the high sound quality when your are doing exercise, you can use Syllable D900s

to make calls.

You can accept calls by pressing the button on the side of the headphones. Voices come through clearly although not as good as music playback. And don’t worry your ear will feel unpleasant, it introduced with anti-slip design for the utmost reassurance. In order to keep you away from the hustle and bustle, it features one-key style multifunctional buttons and lightweight design, besides, the battery capacity is 60mA , only charging your earbuds with 2 hours, you can make calls as long as you like.

What’s more,The noise canceling gives you an uninterrupted experience without making you feel like you have your fingers in your ears. 
Differ from other Bluetooth stereo earphones, Syllable D900s has not any wire  connected, it adopts the exclusive Multiplex Link composite connection technology of Syllable for absolute wireless connection. Without limit of cable, just enjoy the music freely while doing sports. It also uses IPX4 waterproof technology which means you don’t worry swipe off your earphone when you are running and taken into intelligent charging box for continuous use. Besides, It supports apt-x sound effect, offer the Hi-Fi tone quality.
With this Bluetooth sport headset manual, you must be impressed by the sound of the music. Now this Syllable D900s has been available on the Amazon with $119.