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The other day we told you about the Uhans S1 , a terminal that caught our attention as much although the brand is relatively unknown looked very good and, above all, a performance / spectacularprice. The S1 is not even available yet (it will be mid-month) but the manufacturer is already working on the successor, Uhans S2, which have left tofilter some images that we show below.

As for the technical specifications we know nothing, but it is understood that if the Uhans S1 rode a Octa core processor and 3GB of RAM, at least equal S1 these figures. S1 was screen HD resolution and 5 inches in size, and so the images shown in as little it could expand in size to the 5.5 inches.

S2 inside UHans

As the Chinese manufacturer seems to have focused its efforts it is in the design. The Uhans S2 will feature a metal body throughout its structure and has said to us by the manufacturer when they have asked, will try that the terminal has the finest edges of the market, making the screen almost reaches the edges of the terminal . To achieve this, they integrate a framework of only 1 mm thick and used an already well-known technique, placing a protective glass above the display curvature 2.5D at the edges to give the impression that it extends to the very limit the device.

We can also see another image that the terminal will be a much more rounded, and that will change the fingerprint sensor on the back instead of the circular will be square with rounded edges, tucked inward for greater comfort when using it . Similarly, we can see that at least come in three colors: gold, silver and pink that has become so fashionable Apple.

Uhans S2

At the moment the price and release date is unknown, but we can guess what will be a very promising terminal.

Certainly when talking to the manufacturer have agreed to send us a sample for analysis Uhans S1, so soon we will tell you our impressions first hand information on this device so good looking has (remember that costs about 150 euros).