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Download:MIUI 7.2 Global Stable Build Now Rolling Out: Changelog & Download Links

It’s been over 3 months since MIUI 7.1 global stable build was released. Today we are really excited to announce that MIUI 7.2 global stable build is now rolling out! From now on, many of you should be able to progressively receive the update over-the-air (OTA) on your phones via the Updater app. If you cannot wait, you can download the ROM packages in this thread below. 

Upgrade to MIUI 7 Global Stable Build: FAQ Click Here For More Details
Q: What’s MIUI 7 stable version?
A: MIUI has 3 ROM versions: Experimental, Developer, and Stable.
Experimental version is updated every day, and is open to a small part of senior members. It includes new features and bug fixes for the senior members to test before they enter developer version, therefore it contains high risks of serious bugs
Developer version (China) is updated every week, developer version (Global) is updated bi-weekly. It get new features and bug fixes in every update, and is stable enough for daily usage
Stable version doesn’t have a regular update frequency. It’s updated once a month/two months/even longer. Stability is its major concern. Common users who prefer ROM stability are recommended to use this version

How to Update to MIUI 7 Global Stable BuildClick Here For More Details

Q: How to upgrade to MIUI 7 stable version?
A: The upgrade method depends on the MIUI version you’re currently using on your device
If you’re using MIUI V5/MIUI 6/MIUI 7 stable version on your device, you can update directly on your device via OTA, or flash the full ROMs in recovery or using Mi PC Suite.
If you’re using MIUI China developer version or Global beta build, you can flash the full ROMs in recovery mode after wiping all user data.

Q: Are there any notes I need to taken before upgrading to MIUI 7 stable version?
A: It’s highly recommended to back up user data before updating. OTA update is safe procedure, it’s not necessary to back up data. But if you update using full ROM, it’s better to back up all your data to a computer. Please don’t update across MIUI versions (experimental / developer / stable). If you really need to update across MIUI versions, make sure to wipe all user data in Recovery mode before updating.

Q: Could developer version ‘upgrade’ to stable version?
A: The answer is yes. But you can’t use the OTA method to update, and can only flash the full ROM. As developer version is actually advanced than stable version, there will be data conflict between the two versions, therefor make sure to wipe all user data in Recovery mode before flashing the ROM.

MIUI 7.2 Global Stable Build Full Changelog 
Optimization – Improved app signature verification (03-21)

Optimization – Send contacts’ name card style (12-25)
Optimization – Optimized starred messages’ text box style (12-25)
Optimization – Supporting syncing part of SIM card messages (12-25)
Fix – When recipients exceeded one line, the upper and lower parts might get cut (12-24)
Fix – Texts in input box could not be seen when sending a message (12-25)

Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar
Fix – Status bar was black in some situations (12-08)
Fix – Sometimes status bar disappeared (12-24)
Fix – Power button menu could not be read out or operated on in Accessibility mode (01-12)

Home screen
Optimization – Home screen icons animated effects at unlocking (12-08)
Fix – Home screen crashed in some situations. (12-02)
Fix – Sometimes daily lockscreen did not work (01-06)
Fix – It asked to change folder name when first open the folder in Mi Space mode after rebooting (01-12)
Fix – Issue with lost Home screen icons after they’ve been successfully restored and device rebooted (01-25)

Optimization – In random playing mode, pressing ‘Play all’ in song list will not always start playing from the first song in the list (12-15)

Optimization – New design for Mi Mover (01-25)

New – Brand new Weather app. Added 24 hours forecast (12-11)

Fix – Problem with interruption of unlock settings while entering a password (03-29)
Fix – Backups couldn’t be created in some cases (03-29)

Mi Drop
Fix – Sometimes WiFi did not connect after files were sent (12-10)

New – Support adding apps to exception list in one press (11-30)
New – New version of Deep clean. Added available storage space (12-15)
New – New version of photos cleaning feature. Added duplicate photos/accidental photos/under and overexposed/screenshots sections (12-15)
New – Added ‘save the sharpest photos’ option when cleaning duplicate photos (12-15)
New – Deep clean supports cleaning APK. files (01-05)
New – Deep clean supports managing videos (01-05)
Optimization – Logic of defining rarely used apps (12-15)
Fix – Errors in calculating sizes of deep clean big files (01-05)

Mi Cloud
New – Added account lock after flashing phone in Find device. Avoid risks of lost phone being used by others (12-22)

MIUI 7.2 Global Stable Build Recovery & Fastboot Downloads  Click Here to Download All

Notes:Update for Redmi 2, Redmi 2 Prime, Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi Note, Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm & Mi 5 will be released in the near future. Please stay tuned.

Mi Pad V7.2.1.0.KXFMIDA
Recovery 544M MD5: 596bb0b03f1ea387f03dea278e51301f
Fastboot  571M MD5: 6586cb530677db86e6049a840b423dae

Redmi Note 4G V7.2.3.0.KHIMIDA
Recovery 714M MD5: e8da8ed9b54bb6bde1a2f1dd3bab27ea
Fastboot 898M MD5: f47265cd9e7bba7efd78206f0368b4b3

Mi 4i V7.2.3.0.LXIMIDA 
Recovery 841M MD5: b2b6482ad54f50c344f76c9ad9cd1267
Fastboot 1043M MD5: a898bad3e6765f03775ce2905396acd7

Redmi Note Prime (Dual SIM) V7.2.3.0.KHKMIDA
Recovery 709M MD5: bfce7148a527279bbf0361d9044de0d9
Fastboot 962M MD5: d28274f439633b6a44e5ee088bf64063

Redmi Note 2 V7.2.3.0.LHMMIDA 
Recovery 951M MD5: 979b829e644d8bd2dcbf26a9ef8af7dd
Fastboot 1168M MD5: 3aafce8e22d48539b27798af0b974965

Redmi Note 3G V7.2.3.0.KHDMIDA
Recovery 670M MD5: c3e01f30671fa8be4d75bbd2b359903a
Fastboot 834M MD5: f4c87e98fa3c96b94c172fe7465898b8

Redmi 1S 3G V7.2.3.0.KHCMIDA  
Recovery 703M MD5: cbf99b43b66e145c5387cbf8bc7914f8
Fastboot 863M MD5: 593121a7db215f29099c84098022d526

Mi 2/2S V7.2.2.0.LXAMIDA
Recovery 658M MD5: e8e47e7db06889e7f987a70b51779f32
Fastboot 883M MD5: cbd061308e1bf7656a8b6ac7c27cd6fb

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