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Still struggle to purchase Syllable D900? Recently the earphone manufacturer Syllable released its new earphone: D900s. It not only improves its function but also makes an attempt on the new appearance. Now check these details on Bluetooth earbuds for running below.

Why Syllable D900s Comes Out

Syllable provided many kinds of brilliant Bluetooth sport earphone in the past years, such as D900, G08, G15, G700. Both of them has got a high reputation  and among them D900 has attracted many eyes with no wires and its own battery, Bluetooth hardware. Followed this design, D900s has also been applied in the unique Multiplex Link composite connection technology. With this kind of design, you won’t have any limits when you are exercising, working.

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What Difference With The Syllable D900S

D900S VS d900 

Compared with D900, Syllable team has made a great improvement on this exercise headphone over ear in call quality, noise cancellation, battery life, style and design, comfort, range, bonus features, mono vs. stereo sound, and other points. You will know this Bluetooth earphone review in the following article.

Same as D900, the batteries of D900s last for four hours, and there’s enough power in the clever box to recharge the headphones six times. What’s more, after improvement, the wireless signal has been more stable.

You can listen to music over a Bluetooth stereo headset, or have hands-free conversations using a compatible Bluetooth headset.

As for the appearance, It looks more fashionable and textured, also, there are many colors for option. Another thing which will make you happy is it touched more comfortable and it does not cause you to sweat around your ears like common earphone. It comes with protein leather earmuffs and with IPX4 waterproof design -good quality and comfort.

Specifications About Syllable D900s

From most Bluetooth earbud headphones review, you will know that many of them has a Noise Reduction technology, Syllable D900s has also has this function and when connected, the sound quality is outstanding and superb. It plays a frequency range of 20Hz to20,000 Hz and it introduces the latest V4.0 Bluetooth. In addition, with 60mA battery capacity, you need only 2Hrs charge and the standby time will last 90hrs. Besides, the weight of this type earphone is only 20g which makes it portable and convenient to carry.


With so many advantages, Syllable D900s will no doubt be the most popular Bluetooth earphone 2016.

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