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Freefly VR headset Review

Freefly VR Headset with controller
The new Freefly VR headset with its free Glide VR Bluetooth controller, gives users the ability to use their smartphone like never before. They can experience a whole new reality and world, and see things in a new point of view, all by attaching their phone into the VR headset.
Users are able to put their iPhone into the adjustable phone holder that’s inside the headset, which allows you to carry any phone device through 4.6-6.1 inches. This Allows you to use your smartphone like you never could have imagined, and visually see and interact with virtual things and objects. You can also download music videos, movies, and games, all in the App store, and literally be inside it! You can explore a 360 degree world of view, and wonder all kinds of unique sceneries.
Here are the specs the Freefly headset comes with.
  • The device will track your 360° head movements using your existing smartphone, and will project it on your screen
  •   Has 120 degree field of View, which is the highest available in the market.
  • Super lightweight with added soft leather finish for long-lasting comfort.
  • works with your existing smartphone including the latest iPhone SE, iPhone 6 plus, and other smartphone models with screen sizes between 4.7 inches-6.1 inches. And even has automatic thickness adjuster to properly support your iPhone.
  • Comes with a lens cloth and carry-on box, but the controller is not compatible with iOS 9.2.
You can currently get the new Freefly VR headset for $74.70 at with its free Glide VR Bluetooth remote. If you would like more information about the headset, you can visit BGR for more information.
Source info: BGR