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More tablets with Windows

The statistics from Strategy Analytics for 2,015 years know that Microsoft actually tablets running Windows rebounded competitors large part of the market share. Interestingly, the main victims turned out to be Apple. So how do we coped winner statement?
Manufacturers are increasingly willing to provide their new devices in Windows 10. So it should not surprise anyone that the previous year proved to be a breakthrough for Microsoft. In addition to the emergence of a new system, the company issued even if the Surface Pro and Surface 4 Book. The interest in these devices and the positive reviews about them certainly contributed to the success of the company. Thanks to the collective performance by the service Wmpoweruser on the basis of the report Strategy Analytic, already known as a shaped tablet market last year. It turns out that best coped hardware with Windows, which certainly appreciate Microsoft. Especially since the device of the system increased its market share to 11% compared to 6% in 2014. Moreover, as the only recorded an increase in orders compared to the competitors.

Nextbook Flexx 9 / photo. Nextbook

situation tablets with Android on board was as stable. Their market share increased by 1% compared to 2014, but overall, there was a decrease in orders by 7%. The worst fared Apple tablet, which both indicators decreased significantly. The market share decreased from 33% to 28%, while the number of orders fell by a full 22%. According to Strategy Analytics, the market in question recorded in 2015 8% decrease in the amount ordered tablets. This means that many times already mentioned boom tablet over. Interest to the public moved to hybrid devices. It is in this segment Microsoft stalked its strategy since the introduction of the Surface. As you can see, it was enough to wait a few years to solve it turned out to be worthy of attention. Many smaller producers also started to producedevices like Surface, installing them at the same time Windows. A noticeable increase in market share of tablets with Microsoft’s system was therefore a matter of time. It is estimated that in 2016 Microsoft once again significantly increase its share in this segment. The main driving force for this state will probably continue to promote Windows 10 as well, and the development of this system. In addition, during the CES 2016 was felt more favorable business to the new OS from Microsoft, by looking at the premiere of equipment with him on board. Everything points so that the hybrid devices may be the key to success for the Redmond giant. It is worth mentioning that in the pages of our site we presented some time ago proposed tablet with Windows 10, you should take a look at if you wish to purchase this type of equipment.