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Impressions of Oukitel A29 Smartwatch


First Impressions – 
This is the next version of the Oukitel A28 which in turn was released last summer. Since I have not used the A28, I have tried to express my impressions on its own. Click image for larger version Name: Packaging 2.jpg Views: 2 Size: 44.3 KB ID: 548981
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The watch comes in a small compact box with a manual (English and Chinese) as well as a USB Charging Cable. There is no Wall Charger. However, if you plug the USB cable into a wall charger, the watch will charge just fine. Out of the box, the watch had about half Battery.
Specifications – 
CPU: MTK2502
Bluetooth: V 4.0
Battery: 320mAh (About 24 hours in my testing)
Waterproof : IP53
Resolution: 240×240 pixel
Additional Features:
SIM card Slot, Internal Speaker, Sleep monitoring, Remote Camera capture, Heart Rate Monitor, Pedometer, Sedentary reminder
1.22 inch screen with Leather belt.
Detailed Usage and observations- 
This watch does not run on Android. Based on other’s attempts with the A28, it does not look like you can ever install Android Wear on this. It runs on its own propitiatory firmware. It connects to your Smartphone with the Mediatek SmartDevice App in the Watch menu, there is a entry called QR Code, that you can scan with your phone. This leads to BT Swatch App v1.19a which I see as a distinct improvement over previous versions.
[ATTACH=CONFIG]n548992[/ATTACH] Click image for larger version Name: Face1.jpg Views: 2 Size: 48.6 KB ID: 548975
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The watch has a default Watchface and you have a choice of 3 more Watchfaces. You may notice that along the bottom of the screen, a portion is black and is cutting off the watch face. This is your home button. From any screen, with one or two taps, you will come back to the watch screen. There is only one button on left side of the watch. This is your power button and screen on/off button.
There are 2 ways to change out of the home screen Either you pull down from Top edge or slide from left edge. The top menu essentially offers Sound Volume and Brightness control along with remote music control. The remote music, essentially makes the watch act as music player and songs from the phone are played through the watch speaker. I personally don’t find any use for it, but the sound quality is ok for the tiny speaker (On the left side bellow power button). The MicroSim card slot is on the right side. Click image for larger version Name: Backview.jpg Views: 1 Size: 24.9 KB ID: 548978
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On the back of the watch, in the centre, you have the Infrared Heart Rate Monitor. Along the Right Edge, you have a magnetised Charging Port. This is not not a slot. You basically touch the port with the Charging cable, and it will connect like a magnet. This can potentially disconnect if you accidentally knock over the watch. But otherwise it will charge just fine. This I guess is done for the Water Resistance point of view. The leather band does not appear to be replaceable to me.
Smart Features and the menu – 
Let’s take a look at what makes this watch “Smart”. As mentioned earlier, this watch has Pedometer, heartrate monitor, Sedentary reminder and sleep monitor as the primary features. Among other features, you have alarms and Camera Remote Control that I found useful. It also has Calendar and text messaging but I don’t see the use. Click image for larger version Name: Menu 1.jpg Views: 1 Size: 31.9 KB ID: 548982
Click image for larger version Name: Menu 2.jpg Views: 1 Size: 27.1 KB ID: 548983
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Shown above are the various Menu screens you can scroll through, most are self explanatory. First screen has calling related features that are handy when you have synced to the phone’s contact list or have a sim card in the watch. On the second screen, we have mainly Sleep monitor and Camera Control. The File manager, allows you to store files or access files from the watch’s small internal storage. Messaging lists texts received on the phone’s Messaging app. Click image for larger version Name: Sleep.jpg Views: 1 Size: 41.7 KB ID: 548988

The sleep monitor app basically monitors amount of sleep but does not give detailed breakdown. You see deep sleep time and total sleep time. I found it to be average and gives general idea. The app on the phone does not offer any further breakdown either. The Camera control is able connect the camera on your phone and shows what the camera is seeing. However the display is VGA and don’t expect high quality. You can take a picture by tapping on the watch and the picture is stored on the phone.
On the next screen, we have primarily sedentary reminder and Pedometer along with Alarm and Calendar. The sedentary monitor allows you to turn on/off and set duration after which there will be an alert. The Pedometer basically measures steps taken by the motion of the hand. It is reasonably able to give a count. But like all the other sensors based on hand motion, it is able of distinguish between the Wrist Gestures (more on this later) and the walk. It also does not count steps when you are in a moving vehicle. Still on an average, I see bit of overcount. The calendar basically gives today’s date and not much else. The next menu screen is more of setting oriented. You have Applications, which consist of Sound Recorder, Stop watch and Calculator. The app on phone is “supposed” to be able to install additional apps such as Yahoo weather and Digital Clock. I never got this to work. Click image for larger version Name: HeartRate.jpg Views: 1 Size: 58.0 KB ID: 548989

The Heart Rate monitor gives point in time measure of heartrate in Beats Per Minutes. However the unit is wrongly listed as t/m. The profiles allow you to control Ringtone type and Notification tone type. BT connection allows you to scan for the phone and connect. The next screen is another hash of various controls. Remote Notification shows, notifications from the phone, find your device will make the phone vibrate or ring. Siri the misnamed control offers voice control for the phone assuming you have Google Now active on the phone (Or Siri if you are connected to iPhone). BT Music takes you back to the Music player we discussed earlier. Last Screen has additional settings and Theme control. There are two themes, one default and the other is fishing oriented. I found the fishing oriented theme to be extremely confusing and pretty much of not a lot of use. The additional settings, allow you to Turn Bluetooth on/off, change clock face, control various volumes and Smart Gestures among other things.
The Smart gestures, I found to be of big use. basically, with a flick of wrist, you can turn the screen on if its off. Also you could potentially snooze notifications, with a back and forth wrist motion. I tried it once or twice but couldn’t get it to work. The manual is not of great help.
Conclusion – 

Overall, this is supposedly a iWatch clone (Website mention  It didn’t say Apple Watch). Seems to deliver an average performance for the price paid. I hate the fact that its a dust magnet along the screen edge. It has an aboce average battery life but better integration with Google Fit would have been better. As off now, I see that Google fit only counts the steps. No Detailed Sleep tracking is a downside. The Phone app appears to be in Alpha stage and clearly needs improvement. Choice of additional apps is a must.