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Elephone P9000 vs iPhone 6S and OnePlus 2 Video

Elephone have shot a short video comparing the Elephone P9000’s design to that of the iPhone 6S and OnePlus 2.
Elephone are pretty excited about their P9000 model and to show it off in all its glory have put together this short video which compares the design and measurements of the P10 powered phone against the iPhone 6S Plus and OnePlus 2.
One area Elephone are particularly proud of is the width of the Elephone P9000. At 148.4mm long and 73.2mm wide it is more compact than the other two phones despite have the same size 5.5-inch display. Thickness is also good too at only 7.3mm with a 3080mAh battery compared the iPhone 6S Plus which is the same thickness but has a smaller 2750mAh battery.
The video is nice and simple and gives us a good look at the P9000, and if you watch to the end you will see the phone with the screen turned on, revealing a familiar black border theme, but on a much narrower scale than we have seen before.
elephone p9000 video
Is the Elephone P9000 or one of its variants (including the upcoming bezel-less model) tickling your fancy? Has anyone preordered the phone yet? Let us know in the comments below.
More exciting news will be coming soon: