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1Here is what I found until now regarding ROM’s, drivers, mods..not too much, but usefull for guys who want to flash/reflash.
Official /Factory ROM’s:

1Hosted on my Google Drive due to very low downloading speed from China:
V1.02 – 2014-11-21 description >>> First factory firmware.
Checksums: MD5: 4db3a7dc30e5a780a5c9b4ab16830552
SHA-1: f5248dcc2f9841e874f7e919c4213e0c8375f17a
Click image for larger version Name: T9_V1.02_20141121.rar - Checksums.JPG Views: 1 Size: 37.9 KB ID: 440051

V1.04 – 2014-12-30 description >>> Improved sliding screen and game fluency
Checksums: MD5: 8624fa2f754930c8e72b1afdae6b0420
SHA-1: fe26b854b19b8ba64680e098b6187b313639394b
Click image for larger version Name: T9_V1.04_20141230.rar - Checksums.JPG Views: 1 Size: 38.0 KB ID: 440052

V1.07 – 2015-03-04 description >>> Improve Bluetooth keyboard compatibility, improve touchscreen experience
Checksums: MD5: c54c741fc1e43d7fd1761e42d3c93722
SHA-1: e30468a7dec5b6e4ede30844979d9280f21e0e7b Click image for larger version Name: image_9612.jpg Views: 1 Size: 37.7 KB ID: 491783

2.Original ROM’s link _very slow:
V1.02 – 2014-11-21
V1.04 – 2014-12-30
V1.07 – 2015-03-04

3.Updates OTA (Hosted on my Google drive):
How-To (Instructions to apply OTA packages locally/offline)
V1.05 – 2015-01-07/OTA .zip package checksum Click image for larger version Name: OTA 1.05_checksum.JPG Views: 1 Size: 45.0 KB ID: 440084
V1.06 – 2015-01-20/OTA .zip package checksum Click image for larger version Name: OTA 1.06_checksum.JPG Views: 1 Size: 45.0 KB ID: 440085
V1.07 – 2015-03-04/OTA .zip package checksum
V1.08 – 2015-03-27/OTA .zip package checksum Click image for larger version Name: image_9611.jpg Views: 1 Size: 37.9 KB ID: 491778

1.Compatible Drivers Cube T9/Cube Talk 9X (Windows x86_x64 bit) click.
2.PDAnet_4150 found in Cube_T9_RileyROM_1.0 click.
3.Drivers Auto Installer/Mediatek (WinXP/7/8/8.1 x32_x64): Instructions click; Download click.

1. Just slightly reworked FAQ from Talk9X – driver installation/flashing ROM (that’s 900supersport work here, I just slightly edited text in accordance with T9) click.
2. More complex FAQ about MTK driver installation click.
3.SP Flash Tool guide for T9 click and download here

Root :
Root for T9 can be done until now only with:
TWRP (third party recovery; uses SuperSU) instructions click (tnx to@Lepi for video) ; download click.
KingRoot (PC Edition only;uses SuperUser) click.
VRoot (renamed in IRoot;uses SuperUser) click.

Custom ROM :
Cube T9 Riley ROM (first like always), Thank’s Randy.

Custom Recovery
TWRP USB_OTG(all credits @hanuma50 (4PDA forum) for developement);
TWRP NEW_Font Improvements ( all credits devilz-wolit and hocuspocus69 )
TWRP 2.8.6– [inbuilt ability to root T9 (no need any zip file)/new su-binary and supersu to the version (chainfire supersu v2.61)]_all credits goes to @mmrrdd
Download All Instructions

Original Recovery
Extracted recovery.img files/FW V1.02_V1.04 for use with SP Flash Tool:

Patches and Modifications 

Custom Scatter .txt files for 4_6_8GB system partition ( many thanks to hocuspocus69 and to devilz-wolit ); Instructions here.

Usefull Links:

All Cube ROM’s from:

Cube Official forum (chinese):