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Ele Cam 12 12 Deal and Official announcement

 Ele Cam 12 12 Deal and Official announcement

Ele Cam 12 12 Deal and Official announcement

Elephone have just asked us to share the following announcement with you, it looks like it went crazy busy for several online stores during the 12.12 event.

But they seem to be putting things in place ready for their next set of sales between the 16th and 18th of December

Elephone announcement

Our big success on 12.12 event, 20K phones are sold!!

Our online sellers GeekBuying, PandaWill, ElephoneCC, ElephoneStore are alternatively online 

Due to the high traffic, some delay on elephone official website and our seller websites has caused many people unable to complete their orders, which we are very sorry for. 

But we have prepared sufficiently with our sellers to ensure this kind of situation will not happen on next event 16th-18th.  . 

Limited time&limited quantity. Users can go to our official website to choose the sellers. 


Please leave comments and questions below, be sure to let us know if you snapped up a bargain.

One last thing, Elephone have now added the ELE Cam to the list of goodies in the sale, the sale will comprise of 1 hour time slots with different prices each hour.

I will be posting a review of the ELE Cam soon, hopefully showcasing both the ELE Cam and also some amazing parkour skills too.

More exciting news will be coming soon: