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Elephone Explorer action camera: Download Android and iOS apps here

Elephone’s first ever action camera, i.e., the Elephone Explorer was announced recently with 4K support and a price tag of under $100.
The action camera features WiFi, which means you can use your Android or iOS powered smartphone to control the camera. This can be useful especially when you’ve planted the action camera which is out of your reach during the time of action, for example, on the roof of your car, etc.
Good news is that you can now download the respective Android and iOS apps and install them on your smartphone. Keep reading for the links.
Elephone Explorer: Download App (Android/iOS)
Follow the links below to get the Elephone Explorer Android and iOS apps:
Alternatively, scan the QR code below to get to the respective download pages directly from your phone.


I got hold of the Elephone Explorer recently, and you can follow this link to get to the unboxing video of the camera. Do let the community know what you think about the action cam, either by commenting below or participating in the forums!
More exciting news will be coming soon: