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The Best Affordable Video Doorbell Intercom System?

I know that video doorbell intercom system is not a device that comes to your mind once you think of gadgets but it may be useful and fun to use for some.  It is definitely great for offices but I believe that it may be of a great use at other places like home. However, most of these devices are pretty expensive but this time around we are looking at affordable, yet premium quality video doorbell intercom solution made by 1byone.


All in all, the 1byone video doorbell intercom system is a great solution for those, who want to see who’s ringing the bell as the little camera sensor provides you with a decent video quality and brightens up the scene very well in the darkness. In addition, it will also work fine at night as the night vision feature turns on automatically.

Also, the sound quality is good enough to make a clear conversation.

Lastly, both monitor and video intercom units have a premium metal design, which are not only good looking, but are also said to be vandal-proof. Well, the intercom unit is not indestructible but the build quality is really good. 

Finally, this is a great solution if you feel like you need to make your home or office smarter and don’t want to break you bank. I will leave Amazon links in the description below this video if you want to get some more info on this product.

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