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The Ausdom M04S headphone review

Are you looking for a wireless Bluetooth headphone that perfectly complements your lifestyle? From listening to your favorite hits as you move around the house, to listening to instructions as you prepare your newest dish, wireless headphones are very valuable. Keeping in mind that they contain no wire, wireless headphones offer hassle free usability and convenience.
AUSDOM has been specializing in wireless audio products. Of late, the company has been venturing in the world of audio equipment and has successfully produced a line of power headphones whose popularity speaks for itself among tech savvy consumers.

The M04S is the flagship Bluetooth headphone that has been making people reassess just what it is that they want out of a headset. This headset is marketed by Ausdom as a deep-bass, hands-free, stereo, high sensitivity wireless headphone.
· Features:
The Ausdom M04S features a plain, black, cardboard box with a plastic foil covering the headset. This headphone comes with a miniUSB cable, and not the usual microUSB cable. When powered on, the headset will automatically pair with your PC using Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.
Its 3.5 mm audio cable, allows you to effortlessly switch from wired stereo to wireless streaming. It also comes with a 400mAm rechargeable battery that guarantees 18 hours of nonstop play and only takes 3 hours to charge. While in standby mode, it promises to last for nearly 10 days.
Other Specifications
· Bluetooth version – 4.0
· Bluetooth effective range – 10m / 32.8ft
· Bluetooth support profile – HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP
· Working time: About to 20 hours talk time/ music playback time
· Battery type – 400mah rechargeable lithium battery.
· Charging port – Micro USB
· Charging time – 2 – 3 hours.
· Speaker diameter – 40mm
· Sensitivity – 90dB.
· Impedance – 32
· Headset weight – 203g / 7.16oz
· Bluetooth Headset
· (1.1m / 3.6ft) Micro USB Cable
· (1.5m / 4.9ft) 3.5mm Audio Cable
· User Manual

· Design and Quality:
From the very beginning, the Ausdom M04S commands authority. Given its design, the Ausdom M04S guarantees noise isolation and clarity. It is a strong, pitch-black, over the ear wireless stereo headphone with Bluetooth that spots an original, ultramodern, complex design. Its padded headband is expandable, all thanks to the sliders found on either side that offer a good, secure and stable fit.

The ear cups do rotate for best storage and the whole set weighs around 200g.
The microphone is found on the left side; conveniently raised and with a grill painted in grey so as to stand out from the black casing. You will find all the commands at the bottom of the earpieces.
· Quality of Sound:
Even when at full blast, the Ausdom M04S will not disillusion. Its audio spectrum is specially designed to pick up everything from 20Hz to 20 KHz. This is for best coverage of both high pitches and deep bass. It offers rich sound with the noise passively isolated and features a highly sensitive microphone to enhance voice transmissions.
Its speaker’s diameter is 40mm that keeps sound flowing smoothly inside the overear chamber, even at the amplified frequencies supported by the 64 Ohm impedance. They are best built to deliver mid-range frequencies with a precision that is neither overpowering, nor flattened. The focus is mainly on the bass, and when this becomes your orientation point, you will surely not be disappointed.
The bottom line is that, the Ausdom MO4S wireless Bluetooth headphones are solid and feature a classical build with sleek, ultramodern design; rich, immersive sound; good battery; great functionality; excellent connectivity and reasonable pricing. If you can overlook potential issues with repairs; this inexpensive, open, over ear headphones will serve you incredibly well as a fun audio solution.

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