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Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Certified Computer Speaker System (Black)

I know there are a lot of reviews on the Promedia 2.1’s which is great that Klipsch is finally getting a little recognition from the public, the down side is that most of the reviews are people coming from laptop speakers or the generic crap that came with their dell tower…

Ive been in professional audio for more than fifteen years both home and mobile audio, so It takes a lot to impress me. The Pro Media 2.1’s did impress me, for the price. Can you compare these to top end Home Audio setup? Even though many do, the answer is no you cannot. As far as computer speakers go (non recording quality) these really are about as good as it gets at this price point. You could get a better system if your willing to drop $4-500+ but compared to other “commom consumer” products are concered Klipsh has always been a leader in SQ and very underrated at that. Keep in mind we are talking about consumer shelf products here, soon as you take a step up into the Audiophile world your taking a huge step up in price.

So now the good bad and ugly…

Sound Quality 8+

Again for the price these are well balanced and Klipsh seems to be one of the very few putting out consumer items that has an understanding of how audio is actually put together. They seem to focus on whats sounds proper rather than what looks cool. Remember what happened to Harman Kardon?? Yep they are still producing the clear see through computer speakers. Bose is still Bose… They have a few solid products but pretty much have been on cruise control for the past decade based soley on a name and reputation built in the 80s-90s. Anyway back to the ProMedia’s, well balanced and highs are bright but not overwhelming especailly coming from Horn tweets. Satellite speakers have a proper mid range driver and seperate tweeter, instead of looking “modern” with some crazy design Klipsh built the design around what a proper speaker needs to sound good. To some that equals an ugly system, To me it just equals a proper system. Bass it tight and response is accurate.

Bass 9

Bass is very good on the pro media’s. Its the kind of bass thats perfect for obnoxious teenages who want to drive thier parents nuts. In other words there is a whole lot of it to go around, so much so it NEEDS to be dialed WAY down just to keep the sound quality high. Persoanlly I find its best run at about 15-20% without the need to Ever go over 50%. Basically what this means is that Klipsh went a little overboard with marketing to a generation of gamers and obnoxious teenages who think the 30 to 60 hz range needs to be set on permanent +24db. This is the only reason I didnt rate the Pro Media 2.1 a 10 for bass, the good news is that those of us who want a balanced flat response range can turn the knob way down and get it ๐Ÿ™‚

Output 10

Were talking pure Db’s now! However keep in mind my ratings are based on expectations and competitors in for this price range ($100-200). Very big sound from such a small setup, these should satisfy most of us who dont enjoy bleeding ears from small room setups. Gets rather lound with minimal distortion if your Eq’ed properly, would be very easy to clip the subwoofer if you didnt know how to set your bass properly for high volumes. I read a few reviews that said the bass sucked because it distored, if your able to distort the sub on this system THAT easily you either dont have a clue about setup or need to forget buying computer speakers altogether and get yourself a small stage PA system… Simply Put the Pro Media 2.1 gets louder than any other computer system Ive demo’ed to date.

Now for a few flaws… Yes every good thing has its flaws ๐Ÿ™‚

-Design might be an issue for some people, not the most atractive desktop setup, if thats what your after.

-No power switch, System stays on all the time, so do not forget to turn your volume knob all the way down when your done. Otherwise you run the risk of blowing your spouse or animals through the wall if your out for a midnight internet surf and forgot you left the volume at 60%…

-Not that the speakers are “unbalanced” but at low volume levels the current is not high enough to power the left satellite to the same volume level as the right side. The trick to help this is to lower your preamp output and increase the speaker amp output.

Overall I would rate the system 9+ based on its value. Its not High end audio but in the world of computer geeks and casual listeners, is prob the best there is.