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A full 280 wheelbase, 3k pure carbon fiber frame and screws
Modular and detachable MWC 32 bit flight control
Base plate with open source ESC, fuselage LED and the port of wheelbase LED lights with XT60 plug
Modular and can plug 5.8G Picture transmission with dual antenna: tail has 5.8g antenna, the bottom of the fuselage has panel antenna
Picture transmission has bulit-in Mini Osd, and it has brushed Rush-Osd firmware
Customized motor 2204 is 2300kv, tough nylon fiberglass propeller 6030
Video glasses which is special version with built-in 5.8G receiving and binocular big-screen
FlySky I6 2.4G FM remote control ; Flight control default is optimized code, you can brush the latest firmware MWC, but requires players to have the ability to debug, and brush the special solid of AlienCopter so as to perfectly rein the AlienCopter cross V1. 8.0MP Smart wake Miracast – Black