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ASUS to launch the “most affordable Chromebook to date”

ASUS has made no announcement about a new Chromebook, but if the latest Troxell catalog is to be believed, they may be onto something pretty awesome. The catalog mentions this is the “most affordable Chromebook to date”.

Specs include an 11.6-inch 1377x768p display, a RockChip 3288-C processor, 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal storage and a VGA webcam. We also know they call it the ASUS C201 Chromebook, but that is about all we know so far.

Opinion: How affordable can this Chromebook be? I mean, Chromebooks are already super affordable! We will have to wait and see. This also happens to be an education-focused catalog, so we are not sure if it will come to the general market, either.