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PiPo announces $400 USD Core M, 4GB, 1600p Tablet

On PiPo’s weibo (28th Feb), a new tablet from them, featuring a 2560 x 1600 10’1 screen with 4GB of ram, a 64GB eMMC and a Core M CPU. What more, it has a USB 3.0 port (No mention if it’s full sized) and a keyboard dock, which looks to be the same dock from the PiPo W3/W3F. Interesting, seems all the top Chinese tablet companies are now jumping onto the Core M’s and I hope soon the new Atom x3,x5,x7 line up to.

pipo core m weibo

Oh and it priced at 2499 yuan, which is around $400 usd, which is alright I guess.But once Ali express sellers get there hands on it expect that price to be around $500, just look at the Cube i7 which is a $499 tablet that sells for $600 on Ali….

So what do you think about the PiPo Core M pro?


Source: Weibo & Pipo forum