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HuiFei – 2 DIN Pure Android 4.2.2 A9 Dual Core Car Stereo Radio Head Unit. KGL/Klyde/RoadMaster [ROOTED] [UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER]

This is a new thread for this car dvd that was first reported on comment #2224 of the AN-21 U thread (…28349&page=223).


There are 3 types with identical features:
– HuiFei/KGL (KGL)
– Klyde (KLD)
– RoadMaster (RM)

to find which unit you have see:…postcount=1669


– HuiFei, KGL, Klyde, and RoadMaster units use the same chip, RK3066, and use the same apps, but have different hardware. This means that their MCUs may not be interchangeable, or that some apps might not work.


Text in red is to be confirmed

CPU: RK3066 1.6GHz Cortex A9 Dual-core (safely overclockable to 1.8GHz provided adequate cooling) 
GPU: Mali-400MP4 Quad-core GPU, @250MHz up to 400MHz
Storage memory: Samsung DDR3 1GB
Radio receptor: PHILIPS 6624
Wifi adaptor of type IEEE802.11B/g/n compatible WLAN

- OS: Android 4.2.2 
- HD: 1080P
- Nand(flash): 8G 
- CPU: A9 processor with Dual- Core
- Storage memory: DDR3 1GB 
- Smart App Updates
- Multipoint Capacitive screen
- Screen Mirroring Function for iPhone,Samsung Galaxy(android 4.2 and above).
- Change the theme by yourself.
- Support original steering wheel control to work with the car DVD player
- 34 different car logo to match different brand of car.
- Support 3G module
- Built-in Wifi
- HD Resolution: 800*480
have 1024 * 600 option (MOQ 10 piece)
- Multi-language Menu OSD Language(37): Russian,Turkish,Arabic,Italian,Portuguese,Chinese, English,Spanish,German,French...


- Boot Up:: time is around 30s. (from @blankers video review). No stand-by mode. Resumes last operation.
- GPS: TomTom is working
- Radio: radio stations are saved as frequencies (update: last system update or radio app storenames), not names. Names are shown when listening, though.
- Bluetooth contacts: contacts are saved on the device.
- Navigon does not work properly. Sygic works flawlessly. TomTom works flawlessly.
- The radio app does not respond to 3rd party music apps. i.e. Google Music, Pandora, etc. sound from the apps and radio at the same time.
- Sound quality is very good  
- Works fine with Bose system (Audi)
- Possible ground loop noise that needs some tricks to be removed @webdude12) Needs this -->
- Black color of the unit is a little glossy compared to the factory black of the dashboard (Audi)
- Unit comes with an antenna adapter for the digital antenna in the glass, and not the adaptor for the shark fin (Audi)
- It is possible to activate USB debugging (I still don´t know how).
- Built in wifi is quite touchy about how the antenna is positioned. (Probably needs to be in vertical position).
- Torque woks via bluetooth and it can be run in parallel with A2DP --> Bluetooth adapter is probably multichannel.
- Display is crisp and clean (no problem to see it at daylight at 75%). There is a brightness control in settings, but no automatic setting.
- The touch screen is extremely responsive. It works as good as my Evo 4G LTE.
- Built-in mic works great (not all of them, some people complain. External mics work well though.


You can find a review here. The quality is bad, and the comments are on chinese, but the images are still there.

Another review here (thanks to @blankers):

First units are arriving and first videos from owners are coming up (by @blankers)
Part 1:
Part 2:

And, another review ( by @webdude12 )


Get sound when in reverse (thanx to @Keylo Lo)…0&postcount=88

Engineering/Factory settings password (thanx to @blankers)
This allows you to change logo, sound volume, SWC codification, etc.
Password in the settings menu is “126”

How to upgrade your Firmware
WARNING!!! — Some people having Klyde and RoadMaster units have used these updates and bricked their units, or some functions like radio would not work any more. Please make sure you have a KGL/HuiFei, or if you have a Klyde/RoadMaster make a backup of your MCU and firmware before updating.
You will need to read the thread to figure out whether you have a KGL/Klyde/RoadMaster. They all look very similar and have the same apps but different hardware and MCU. Their firmware may not be interchangeable.


to find which unit you have see:…postcount=1669

The files posted here are specific for HuiFei/KGL and will upgrade your unit to 1.77, 1.86 or 1.99 (if you already have this version, there is no need to upgrade)
– MCU version: 1.77, 1.86 or 1.99 depending on the file you download.
– Android version 4.2.2
– Kernel version: 3.0.36 May 14 03:45:57 PDT 2014 (this is for v1.77)
– Build number: rk30sdk-eng4.2.2 20140514.19:44:15 (this is for v1.77)

v1.77 reduces boot time to around 24s.and fixes microphone issue with android not seeing it, and install radio app that stores names.
v1.86 includes bluetooth menu and fixes wifi issues for some people.
v1.99 some people have 2-way canbus with this version.

Upgrading is supposed to be a safe operation, but you never know what can happen. So, before updating make sure that:
1- you have a backup of your system (the easiest way is download nandroid root from google play, and do a nandroid backup with TWRP format)
2- make sure you can enter in bootloader mode (see below how to)
3- it is recommended to backup your apps and data (use titanium from google play). The update will do a factory reset.

Once all these is done, proceed as:

1- Download update files here:
v 1.77: MTCB-KGL…8140514%29.rar
v 1.86: MTCB-KGL…VvbDVzUEE/edit

* check MCU-car model compatibility list here:…postcount=2823

v 1.86 MTCB-KLD (soon)

v 1.86 MTCB-RM (soon)

There are 2 kinds of files. update.img and mcu.img (inside tar files).
– update.img is the android update
– mcu.img is the mcu update (see…/MCU_Explained)

MTCB-KGL1 –> This is the mcu for BMW and Mercedes
MTCB-KGL –> This is the mcu for the other car makers

2- Copy update.img and mcu.img to the root folder of your GPS sdcard (take the one you need, if you flash the wrong one the radio will probably malfunction)
3- At the next mount of GPS sdcard (card insertion or unit reboot) the radio will detect an update and automatically update it.
4- You will see a pop up saying that an update image is detected. Say yes to update.
5- Your unit will automatically reboot into recovery mode and update your system
6- When done, the unit will reboot itself again. You will see that the boot logo is now an android. (the first boot is slow)
7- you are updated.
8- go to Factory settings to change boot logo if you want. Choose car and DVD to have the logo of the car.

* If this method does not work, copy mcu.img and update.img to /mnt/sdcard and reboot the unit.

Get Into Recovery
1 Press reset button and power button together
2 After about 5 secs release reset button, but keep pressing power button
3 When booting screen appears release power button.
4 It boots into recovery.

–Update– some units without front USB have a different procedure
Firstly power on the unit and then long press the power button and then reset. Then the unit will get three rings and you loose your hand on the power button and short press the power button again. (thanx @netay)

–Update 2– some others have this procedure (thanx @R4D3N)

1. Turn off the unit by holding 3-4 sec the power button.
2. Hold the RESET button + POWER button for 5 sec
3. Release the RESET button and keep pressing the POWER butoon for 2 sec
4. Release the POWER button and wait. The Recovery menu appears.
5. With the Volume knob you can move up/down and long press on Volume/Power button to select the option.

Get Into Bootloader
The process is basically the same, with the difference that you need to have the computer attached to the unit via the front miniUSB (if you do not have a front USB, you will have to ask your seller how to get into bootloader mode)

1- boot the unit as usual.
2- plug the front usb of the unit to your computer usb.
3- Then, push the reset button and the power button at once and keep them pushed. The reset button is the tiny pin next to the mp3 sdcard. The power button is the volume knob. You will hear the power cut throught the speakers.
4- Release reset button and keep power button pushed. Now the unit will reboot. You will see nothing, just a black screen. Do not release the power button yet. Your computer will detect a ” new hardware”, that is the RolckChip. When you hear the windows noise of new detected hardware, you can release power button. It will automatically install the drivers.


Instructions to get root (thanx to @webdude12)

Download Root Master 2.1.1

1- Install the APK.
2- Make sure you are connected to WiFi and you have an internet connection.
3- Open Root Master (do not upgrade to newer version unless you can read chinese, The newest version has different options, all in chinese. Version 2.1.1 just has a button that says “root”.))
4- Press root button
5- Chinese characters will flash across the screen.
6- A second popup box will appear, press the purple button.

The app will automatically install SuperUser.
This program connects to servers oversea sending hardware information. The downloads a script that will attempt to root the device. If the first script fails, it downloads additional ones. Future goal is monitor this communication with a data logger and find which script works, so that a unique program can be written to achieve root.

see WIKI for more info…_Android_Radio

How to install TWRP recovery (thanx to Abdul_pt from Freaktab and 1-2-Hak)…001#post173001

You do not really need to install TWRP unless you wanna mod the rom yourself, if you mod roms you will know that already.
– a.t.m. you need a mouse to use TWRP because touch is not working yet
– if you install TWRP, you will probably not be able to update the update.img and mcu.img the way it was explained above.

If you still want to install TWRP:
Download files here…14eWM2cWc/edit
And follow the post by 1-2-Hak…&postcount=598

Modded Apps

Install app without adb when regular install does not work
Sometimes the app won’t install normally and you need to sideload it.. This means that you need a computer and adb wifi. There is another way with which you won’t need a computer. You just need to install a terminal emulator (you need root ).

1- Download the terminal emulator app you prefer
2- Download the app you want to install to /mnt/sdcard
3- Open terminal emulator
4- On the terminal navigate to /mnt/sdcard by typing

- cd /mnt/sdcard
- su
- pm install "NameOfTheApp".apk

Done, you are app is now installed.

Radio with blue theme…MG8/edit?pli=1 (thanx @1-2-Hak)
to install you need to copy it straight to /system/app in place of MTCRadio.apk

Radio App. Rally style. Buttons have been moved and skin changed for a Rally like one.…&postcount=860

Car Service. Allows to use SWC and buttons with 3rd party apps.…postcount=1179 (thanx @@KeiserSozeyFr)
If it does not install, copy directly to /system/app

Moded Music app. Two versions. One is the original with expanded list, so full names can be seen, and the other one has the list integrated in the background so it is always visible.…&postcount=894 (thanx to @dark alex)

Set Loud (Only for Hui Fei/Microntek units, other brands will not work)
Method 1:

Just install this app:…&postcount=963 (thanx to @dark alex)

Method 2:

You need Tasker or Automagic or similar app.
Set up a task that runs at boot with the following code as “shell command”
am broadcast -a com.microntek.irkeyDown –ei keyCode 44
How to:…postcount=1058

Speed-sincronized volume increase (AKA GALA)
This app will modify the volume of your unit according to the speed. The amount sensitivity can be adjusted.…&postcount=931 (thanx to @dark alex)

PowerAmp Toast (thanx @agentdr8)
This app will show title/album/album art when tracks change while PowerAmp is in background.…postcount=1461


Thanks to @dark alex a file repository that contains most of the files posted in this thread has been created. The devs will upload the moddded apps, firmwares, updates, etc to the server.

There you can find the files, some pictures, specifications, etc..
Link :


Firmwares for KGL/KLD/GS/RM…=sharing#listv


Unfortunately the first issues with the promising unit arrived.

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